LCSSHS takes the lead with Genyo e-Learning




January 29, 2013 – To further promote and maximize the use of Genyo e-Learning not only in classroom instruction but in other activities as well, Genyo school Liceo de San Pablo held a quiz bee competition using Genyo e-Learning.

Dubbed as the Grand Genyo Quiz Bee, the brightest students from the Grade School and High School level participated and competed with each other in an ICT-based quiz show. The quiz show was held in celebration of the school’s 35th Foundation Day.

Using the Quiz Show feature of the Genyo Learning Management System, the students battled against each other through answering questions projected in the wide screen. The event was attended by all stakeholders as it was conducted in the school gymnasium.

Below are the winners of the Grand Genyo Quiz Bee:

Xylem Gabriel F. Enriquez, Cesar John A. Eseo, Andrei R. Correa were announced as the winners for the primary level,and Regielou Mark S. Suarez, Charlotte Shane Ricci O. Castillo and Christine Anne  Maria B. Albesa for the intermediate level. For the HS level, the ff. are the winners: 1st place: Keo Joseph B. Montejo - 7 St. Vincent, Krystine S. Ariate - 2 St. Bernard, Pauline C. De Vera - 3 St. Thomas, and Almira Mari R. Alcantara - 4 St.Bede; 2nd Place: Josvil Erika S. Dausin - 7 St. Vincent, Jean Karen S. Gigante - 2 St. Bernard, Jasmin C. Belen - 3 St. Benedict, and Joanne C. Enaple - 4 St. Bede; 3rd Place: Cleo Jane M. Dumas - 7 St. Vincent, Roseleth L. Sabater - 2 St. Bernard, Aldreix Ceazar C. Pabustan - 3 St. Thomas, and Maica Angelica C. Reyes - 4 St. Ignatius.

The teachers became more appreciative of the Genyo system as it allows them to put a different twist in their usual programs. Just last February, Liceo de San Pablo held its LtrLinx competition and an online voting through the system August of last year.




Going virtual: Roosevelt San Mateo’s online Thesis evaluation

Roosevelt College San Mateo went beyond just using Genyo in everyday classroom activities and delivery of lessons.  Held last February, RCSM used Genyo e-Learning as an Evaluation tool during the thesis defense of graduating HS students.

With the used of Genyo’s survey and polling feature, the panellists headed by Mrs. Lachenal, Directress of the school, was able to conveniently assess the performance of the students who presented their research studies.  Instantaneously, the panel was able to give grades, comments and generate evaluation results.

Joining Mrs. Lachenal in the panel were Research and Math teacher Rowena C. Amado; Research teacher Delia P. Jadaone; English teacher Arcaeli L. Jabal; and Guidance Counselor Norina Bautista. The defense was held at the school’s Genyo laboratory.

Roosevelt College San Mateo constantly thinks of innovative ways on how they can fully-maximize the use of Genyo e-Learning not just inside the classroom but in other activities as well.


CPC Genyo Wow Club implements LtrLinx Challenge

FEBRUARY 21, 2013 – Colegio dela Purisima Concepcion’s Genyo WOW club implements Diwa LtrLinx Challenge as part of the highlight of the school’s 65th foundation day.

The LtrLinx Challenge a network word-game competition for students. Aside from enhancing their skills in morphology, this vocabulary enrichment game also fosters student competitiveness and promotes the use of ICT.

Spearheaded by Genyo Wow Club’s officer Angelmae Bueno, the LtrLinx challenge was participated by 24 students from Grade 7 – 4th year HS. The competition is divided into two (2) categories: Elimination Round and Final Round. The students were given their respective workstations (computer unit) and 10-15 minutes playing time to answer as many anagrams as they could. Since LTRLINX Challenge is a multiple level game in which every level consists of several rounds, the Game Master, Angelmae Bueno, had set the number of levels and number of rounds. The scores were tallied after every Round. The top 3 participants with the highest scores were proclaimed as winners: 

CyberMath Challenge Winners

1st Place Paul Dasas - St. Uriel 4
2nd Place Carl Louie Ignacio - St. Gabriel 4
3rd Place Hannah Veronica Loyola - St. Michael


Colegio de Sta Rosa moves into e-Lection

FEBRUARY 07, 2013 – Colegio De Sta. Rosa held its first ever Online Student Council Election through the use of Genyo’s world class Learning Management System.

Eliminating the usual ballots and manual counting, GS and HS Rosenians voted for their future school leaders using their individual Genyo accounts. Genyo’s survey and polling feature tagged as the Online Survey was used for the online election.

DIWA’s onsite Learning Integration Specialist for Colegio de Sta. Rosa Maxine Alexandra D. Lombridas, Learning Integration Specialist for St. Paul Makati Aries dela Cruz, together with CSR Student Activity Coordinator Ms. Rita Ruivivar and other faculty members coordinated to successfully implement the online election.

Results were generated instantly, without the hassle of counting the votes manually.

Colegio de Sta. Rosa, together with Genyo e-Learning, will continue to work hand-in-hand to provide the best 21st century Education for the Rosenians.